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Monday, February 27, 2006

IPOD cont.

Maybe I need to rethink this HD Ipod?

I am picturing sitting on a airplane ready for my 3 hour flight to NYC, about to plug my 750 GB HD video ipod into the built in docking bay in the arm rest. The first commercial carrier to come out with that is going to clean up!!

Think of it, all of your favorite movies at the touch of a button. Even better the flight should offer new movies for a fee that you can download to your IPOD (OK that will probable never happen, but it would be glorious). And yes I did say 750 gig hi-definition pod.

What is the hold up? Apple is the company that has been able to pull off so mush memory in such a small device. They need to stop screwing around and start making the ultimate Ipod. The NANO should already offer 250 GB.

I am waiting for every automobile manufacturer to make this an option. Monster Cable has a close range frequency transmitter for you car but the sound is not as good as your factory system (not always) and the IPOD docking stations sound great.

Apple should approach these manufacturers and push for it….it could lead to Apple dominated world. I can not live without my pod!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

HD Ipod, yeah baby!

Someone told me that they couldn’t wait for the IPOD to have high definition video playback.

Did I miss something? There must have been a meeting that decided the future of HDTV viewing and my invitation got lost in the mail!

I just bought a Samsung 50” plasma television for my wall. The salesman didn’t inform me about the special meeting where the world decided we only want 2.5” LCD TV screens. What the hell is going on? I thought the whole video IPOD was stupid to begin with, but at that time no one said is was going to be in HD.

Decision has been made, the 50” television is going back. My IPOD is getting mounted on the living room wall TODAY! Just think of the Super owl party next year, 30 drunken guys chowing burgers and dawgs all staring at my 2.5 inch hi-def LCD Screen.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Blue Ray DVDs and Hi-Definition

Blu-ray, blu-ray blu-ray

What the $%^* is blu-ray?

Everybody I ask thinks they know what blu-ray is, but no one has got a clue.

Blu-ray is a fancy name for a new style format DVD that was designed to allow consumers to record, rewrite, and playback in HD. Blu-ray also as a much larger storage capacity than previous DVDs, manufacturers claim single-layer blu-ray disc can record up to 25 gigabytes. 25 GB is about 2 hours of high definition or a little more than 13 hours of normal TV. Manufacturers say there will be a 50 BG version or dual layer disc that can hold twice as much data.

Blu-ray technology was developed by a group of manufacturers which include; Sony, Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, JVC, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Pioneer, TDK, and Thompson.

It all seems like a scan to me to get everyone to buy new DVD players and accessories, so these manufacturers can get even richer. I mean with the ability to save everything to a hard drive why not advance that technology, I would rather carry some sort of miniature storage device that can hold 10 or 20 HD movies than 10 or 20 DVDs. They have those flash memory storage devices that can fit on your key chain, and these huge multi-billion dollar companies are saying the best they can come up with is a blue-violet laser. That is where blu-ray gets it name; it uses this special color laser instead of a red one.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Gaming in HDTV

I remember a day when dorm rats would gather 4+ to room, with nothing but the faint glow of Bond basement battle background resonating from the television. Yes a time when Nintendo 64 ruled and Sega Dreamcast conspired in the shadows. It was a simpler time then, plasma TVs were still new, rear projection screens bullied the locals.

That was then, hi-definition is now.

Someone told me they were in the Target and it was so glorious, there were six Xbox 360 consoles just sitting there. Has the day actually come when a man-boy can come out of the fox hole they’ve been waiting in? Man-boys once walked the land proud, dreaming of Madden plays, battles lost and won of Star Wars, and missions still to conquer in Bond.

I’ve seen the signs and I believe the stories. It has been written that in the far off galaxy of Microsoft there a planet Xbox 360. The legend claims that the world is populated with gamers and everything is in HD. Could it be so….is there truly a console where everything you see is in hi-definition?

Man-boy folk lore says that the answers to gaming in HDTV are kept at Hidefster.

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