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Sunday, February 19, 2006

HD Ipod, yeah baby!

Someone told me that they couldn’t wait for the IPOD to have high definition video playback.

Did I miss something? There must have been a meeting that decided the future of HDTV viewing and my invitation got lost in the mail!

I just bought a Samsung 50” plasma television for my wall. The salesman didn’t inform me about the special meeting where the world decided we only want 2.5” LCD TV screens. What the hell is going on? I thought the whole video IPOD was stupid to begin with, but at that time no one said is was going to be in HD.

Decision has been made, the 50” television is going back. My IPOD is getting mounted on the living room wall TODAY! Just think of the Super owl party next year, 30 drunken guys chowing burgers and dawgs all staring at my 2.5 inch hi-def LCD Screen.


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