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Monday, February 27, 2006

IPOD cont.

Maybe I need to rethink this HD Ipod?

I am picturing sitting on a airplane ready for my 3 hour flight to NYC, about to plug my 750 GB HD video ipod into the built in docking bay in the arm rest. The first commercial carrier to come out with that is going to clean up!!

Think of it, all of your favorite movies at the touch of a button. Even better the flight should offer new movies for a fee that you can download to your IPOD (OK that will probable never happen, but it would be glorious). And yes I did say 750 gig hi-definition pod.

What is the hold up? Apple is the company that has been able to pull off so mush memory in such a small device. They need to stop screwing around and start making the ultimate Ipod. The NANO should already offer 250 GB.

I am waiting for every automobile manufacturer to make this an option. Monster Cable has a close range frequency transmitter for you car but the sound is not as good as your factory system (not always) and the IPOD docking stations sound great.

Apple should approach these manufacturers and push for it….it could lead to Apple dominated world. I can not live without my pod!


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