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Friday, March 10, 2006

The dreaded task

Time to replace the old 23” in the Kitchen, and you know what that means. I have to venture to the land of the damned . . . Brandsmart!! If you have ever traveled on Southwest you will understand my pain.

Southwest will line everyone up all 300 passengers and similar to NASCAR the attendant comes over the PA, ready, set, go! All 300 customers rush the gate kicking, screaming, and clawing to get an aisle or window seat. There are no assigned seats, no special treatment; it is almost as if there is a behavior study being conducted on humans to see how we will react in a lawless environment.

If you can visualize that, then you will have no problem picturing a Brandsmart. An oversized warehouse where vultures circle, yes it is true . . . no one can beat their prices but can you run the gauntlet and get out alive? Even if you manage to get the item you are looking for there is the dreaded checkout counter. I have stood at the edge arms full and tired, 8 lazy droids at their station helping no one. The term customer service has gone the way of the Blue Footed Booby (still alive but never seen).

For me the task is difficult, a 26” LCD flat panel TV. I want the Sharp Aquos, or a Phillips. Sony will be too expensive, but Samsung might work. I have heard that the Dell is not bad and they are priced well too. My Liquid Cristal Display must be able to mount on the wall or all is lost and the mission failed.

Can I complete the mission and get alive? Well the answer is not at goarmy.com, stay tuned for battle updates.


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