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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Draft Day Special

Revenge is a dish best served in Hi-Def!

Here is where the high definition really pays for itself. I could see the tears in Leinarts eyes as he slipped to 10th overall. This stupid MoFo could have been the #1 graft pick last year (way overrated), and instead he stayed in school to win the national championship. Nope, USC lost the national championship which they should not have been in anyway. Their conference is so shitty any half way decent team can go undefeated.

Anyway, let us recap last year….

Preseason – USC Overrated
All Season long – USC beats bottom of the barrel teams (USC still overrated)
National Championship – USC blown out

And the kicker is that Leinart goes 10th. It reportedly cost him around 10 million in bonuses.

Now the pros say he has a baby arm. This is so sweet. And this moment was even sweeter in Hi-def.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Mirror, Mirror on the wall where can I find the cheapest computer of them all?

Search Dell.com to find your match

(Please stop me if you have heard this one)

I searched long and far for the best computer to buy. From the hills of HP to the Apple valley, and as far as the Sony shores would take me, all along it was hidden the under my eyes. Dell is the cheapest of them all, how can their prices be so much less?

I customized my piece and when all was said and done the damage totaled $3000.

The Prince was happy and all was great, until the 1 yr anniversary of when the Dell the purchased. 1 day after the warranty was up the CPU crashed and all the kings the people with all the White Guis could not get the Dell to work properly again.

The princess beautiful Dell had turned back into a pumpkin. So it was back to the HP hills and Apple valley to find a real computer not a piece of shit Dell!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

XP Media Center

So XP Home is for typical home computer or home office solution, XP Professional is for the corporate world, where does Media Center fit?

I use my home computer for pictures and music and I want to figure out this Web TV.

Windows Media Center is the answer. It is a platform designed for intensive media applications. Run your LCD or Plasma TV through it along the cable box and now you can record all of your favorite movies and shows directly to your hard drive.

Even put home surveillance camera in and record directly to the PC. It is possible to use Media Center in your office or store for CCTV as part of your retail security system. XP Professional may be easier to remote access but Media Center is easier to use.

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