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Monday, June 05, 2006

It's not TV. It's ShitBO

Some of you have heard of Big Love and the Sopranos, well if you were watching last night you saw that HBO did not air new episodes as promised, instead they showed Big Stink, and Crapranos.

Big Stink had a lot of potential, however was able to deliver on the name. A season finally that was all of 46 minutes and knowing the M.O. on HBO I am sure it will be 18 plus months before we ever see another ep.

Crapranos followed a similar path. They had a somewhat uneventful episode as usual, followed by the big announcement that the season is not over. They will take 6 month break before they film the final 8 episodes. It must take them about a week to film 8 episodes, but HBO wants to make they piss off every fan of the show so that they do not have to film any more seasons. I guess everyone got too rich and from the show and making millions for 16 hours of filming a year is just too hard.

so stay tuned the next ep. of Crapranos will be out in 6 months.


Blogger Ambien Sleeper said...

You hit the nail on the head. Crapronos is being kind. More like jonnycakeonos!

12:29 PM


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